We know, we know: it’s more practical to come to a music festival in the comfiest of clothes. Nobody wants to get all dressed up, only to get the spiffy new outfit that took you hours to pick out desecrated by sweat, grime, mud, or a nasty combination of all of the above. That’s why shapeless T-shirts, plain tank tops, and shorts that have seen better days are de rigueur in such settings.

But lately, more and more brave souls have been showing up at music festivals in costume. In fact, at some festivals such as Bestivaland T in the Park in the UK and Ultra in the US, revelers are encouraged to come in costume to hike up that crazy celebratory mood! Whether it’s a basic creation achieved with yards of cloth and a pair of trusty scissors or an elaborate number that merits its very own float parade, the festival folks in full costume always look like they’re having the most fun in the entire congregation.

For the first-ever Manila Music Festival, that’s exactly the vibe we want to have: that bold, balls-to-the-wall bravado that comes when people aren’t afraid to look ludicrous in the name of fun.

We hereby challenge you, our pioneering Manila Music Festival audience, to show up on May 1 at the Alphaland Bay City incarnival-inspired attire. Let’s show the entire world that Pinoys know how to party in silly style!

Go on and do a search on Google for some carnival-themed costume ideas.

or just click on these links to see some really ridiculous ones: