There's no stopping the fun now--it's final. A total eargasm is coming to rock your musical world come first of May. And we're giving away 10 tickets to this musical wonderland for free.

Yes, boys and girls. FREE!

Free Manila Music Festival tickets are yours for the taking! Just join any or all of these contests and get a chance to win two tickets to the first ever Manila Music Festival to be held on May 1, 2012 at the Aseana Ave. Alphaland Bay City Grounds in Paranaque City.

Catch local and international musical demigods such as AfrikaBambaataa, Ali Shaheed Muhammad, Shinichi Osawa, along with the Philippines’ heavyweights Razorback, Sinosikat, Wilabaliw and Kjwan on a night of pure rhythmic ecstasy.

Contest Mechanics:

The contest will be held via Twitter. All you have to do is make an incredible tweet from 6-10pm tonight (April 26, 2012) with the hash tag "ManilaMusicFest" (#ManilaMusicFest). We will be choosing one lucky winner of 2 MMF tickets for each of these 5 categories. (That's 5 lucky Twitheads and 10 lucky souls who get into the party without having to spend a penny.)

Coolest Tweet
Summon all your wit and creativity to come up with the tweet to out-"cool" them all.

Weirdest Tweet
They say artists are weird. Unleash the artist in you and try to win those two tickets for the Twithead with the most out-of-this-world post.

Tweet from the Hottest Chick
Hey, hottie. Think you're the fairest? Tweet your sexiest pic, add #ManilaMusicFest, and wait to win those two tickets reserved for MMF's hottest babe.

Note: Much as we want to let you expose your inner beauty, no nude and/or vulgar pictures please! ;)

Lucky Tweet
One lucky guy who summons most of the luck in the universe gets to win via the contest admins' random pick. ;)

Most Retweeted Tweet
Call all your friends, family, gangs and legions to make your post the most retweeted!

Winners will be announced tomorrow, April 28 at 6 PM through MMF's online portals: Facebook, Twitter and MMF website. Details for the claiming of prizes are to follow.

Take this chance tonight. Wait for the clock to strike at 6 PM, AND THE GAME IS ON.

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I just Wanna ave A ticket hahahah ....! :)))


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