Anyone who’s been to a major music congregation like Coachella in the US, Laneway in Singapore, or the recently held Malasimbo in Puerto Galera knows that the festival experience is all about two things: (1) enjoying great live music by a dizzying gaggle of great acts, and (2) doing it in a setting where you’re surrounded by folks who dig the sounds as much as you do.

That feeling of fierce camaraderie you build with your friends when you spend a whole day together at a festival—not to mention the infectious thrill of seeing your shared favorite bands in one venue—is enough to make you want to join hands and break into song.

To help make your festival experience one that will merit a special spot in your music-loving hearts for all eternity, we gleefully present to you the Manila Music Festival BUNDLE TICKET SALE!

For only Php6,000 for a group of five people, you can save up to Php800 each! You get more savings the bigger your group is; the bundled ticket price is Php10,000 for a group of 10 people, giving you up to Php1,000 in savings each!

You may order your group tickets here. We urge you to order soon; the promo runs from April 16-25 only!
Regular tickets go for Php1,500 (pre-selling) and Php2,000 (at the door). Tickets are available via Ticketworld. Watch this space for the list of other venues where tickets are sold.

Go ahead, let your buddies in on Manila Music Festival’s BUNDLE TICKET SALE! Plus, your barkada will be among the first-ever Manila Music Festival’s pioneer audience. How’s that for a bonus?
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